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Machinery - Firejet & Firejet Plus

Toughening Plants / Firejet & Firejet Plus

Firejet & Firejet Plus

The Firejet / Firejet Plus offer state of the art technology utilising full convection re-circulated convection blowers to give unrivalled efficiency on all types of glass from 2.8 – 19mm thickness. The balanced airflow circulation system ensures a uniform pattern of heat across the glass, producing industry leading production cycles and unrivalled visual quality, even on glass with the highest performance characteristics. The unique Cooltemper system also gives one of the lowest energy consumption figures in the industry, with over 30% savings on energy bills experienced by our customers.

What kind of glass can be processed?

All types of high performance glass products.

What kind of end products can be manufactured?

All types of applications with the focus on outstanding quality, production speed and efficiency.

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